LEGO® 76035 DC Super Heros Jokerland

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The Joker and his team of villains have transformed Gotham CityÌ_s amusement park into the nightmarish Jokerland and trapped Starfire, Beast Boy and Robin. Drive to the rescue with Batman in the awesome Batmobile. Dodge the cannon and target the clown robot with the shooting missiles. Then itÌ_s time for some serious super-jumping action to bring down the villains. Bam! Topple The Penguin from his podium. Wham! Launch a perfectly aimed jump to release Robin from his upside-down bike ride with Harley Quinn. Pow! Take down Poison Ivy from her swinging branch. Finally, knock The Joker from the clownÌ_s mouth down the slide and into the poison pool chamber! Includes 8 minifigures with assorted accessories: Batman, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, The Penguin, The Joker, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

  • Includes 8 minifigures with assorted accessories: Batman, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, The Penguin, The Joker, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn
  • The Joker ride features a clown face with tilting hat, rolling eyes, mouth with podium for The Joker, slide, poison pool chamber er and a mirror house
  • Poison Ivy ride features 3 seats, man-eating plant with snapping jaws, and handcuffs
  • Harley Quinn ride with bike, attachment underneath for captured passenger, handcuffs, Super-Jumper-activated bike launchfunction and translucent flame elements
  • The Penguin ride features rear-wheel-operated rotating duck seats, The PenguinÌ_s podium with Super-Jumper-activated-toppling function, penguin, handcuffs, 3 dynamite sticks and transparent ice elements
  • Also includes a clown robot with a firing cannon, 3 cannonballs and a dynamite stick
  • Batmobile features an opening cockpit, 2 spring-loaded missiles, 2 rear stud shooters, giant batwings and Batman emblem logo
  • Accessories include BatmanÌ_s cape and Super Jumper, RobinÌ_s cape, The PenguinÌ_s umbrella, The JokerÌ_s pie and Poison IvyÌ_s swinging branch
  • Evade cannonballs fired by the clown robot
  • Avoid the man-eating plantÌ_s snapping jaws!
  • Fire the BatmobileÌ_s missiles and stud shooters
  • Activate BatmanÌ_s Super Jumper to knock The Penguin off his perch!
  • Super-jump to launch Harley QuinnÌ_s bike and rescue Robin
  • Knock The Joker down the slide and into his poison pool chamber!
  • The Joker ride measures 11Ì_ (29cm) high, 9Ì_ (23cm) wide and 3Ì_ (9cm) deep
  • Poison Ivy ride measures 12Ì_ (31cm) high, 4Ì_ (11cm) wgh, 4å¬å_ (11cm) wide and 2å¬å_ (7cm) deep
  • Harley Quinnå¬å_s ride measures 10å¬å_ (27cm) high, 16å¬å_ (42cm) wide and 1å¬å_ (5cm) deep
  • The Penguin ride measures 5å¬å_ (15 cm) high, 4å¬å_ (12cm wide) and 2å¬å_ (7 cm) deep
  • Batmobile measures over 2å¬å_ (7cm) high, 9å¬å_ (24cm) long and 2å¬å_ (7cm) wide
  • Cannon measures over 2å¬å_ (6cm) high, 3å¬å_ (8cm) long and 2å¬å_ (6cm) wide

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