Wall Mounted Display Case for 18 LEGO Minifigure

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PLEASE NOTE: LEGO® Minifigures are not included. 

Looking for the perfect display solutions to showcase your collection of LEGO® Minifigures?

Let our crystal clear wall-mounted display cases encapsulate your Minifigures and ensure your collection remains elevated and protected.

Welcome to the Myhobbies Minifigure display series, choose from an elite range of display solutions with an unlimited choice of width and height variations whether you have 18, 36, 54, or 72  LEGO® Minifigures, we have crafted the perfect display case for you!

Our display cases are designed for seamless construction while also offering added security for your Minifigures. Each case is multi-tiered and purposefully embedded with a series of official LEGO® studs to securely accommodate your Minifigures along with all of their accessories.

All products come in kit form and are easily assembled, simply slide the pieces in place!

*Please be aware when placing Minifigures onto the shelves it is important to support the shelf by placing your thumb firmly under the shelf while applying pressure in an attempt to connect your Minifigure to the shelf.*

Material: Acrylic

When picking a Wall Mount display case all you need to do is decide how many Minifigures across you'd like to display, then choose how many shelves you'd like to add.  


18 Minifigures wide x 1 Tier = 596mm Wide x 73mm Deep x 90mm High

18 Minifigures wide x 2 Tier = 596mm Wide x 73mm Deep x 166mm High 

18 Minifigures wide x 3 Tier = 596mm Wide x 73mm Deep x 246mm High 

18 Minifigures wide x 4 Tier = 596mm Wide x 73mm Deep x 326mm High 

18 Minifigures wide x 5 Tier = 596mm Wide x 73mm Deep x 406mm High

18 Minifigures wide x 6 Tier = 596mm Wide x 73mm Deep x 486mm High

All our products are designed and made in Australia to ensure the highest quality.

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