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Slackers Obstacle Course with Stopwatch.

The Slackers Ultimate Obstacle Course allows you to go head-to-head, work as a team, or time each other as you train your way through this 38 piece obstacle course at home in your own backyard. Built for versatility and portability, you can now take your new source of fun (or training) to the park, away camping, or over to a friend’s house with ease.
The 38-piece set that includes jump ropes, jump sacks, a bear crawl kit, agility rings, and a stopwatch – all to create a customisable course layout! The course is easy to set up for one-on-one or team competitions in any set-up for any skill level. It comes with reinforced hop sacks, agility rings with connectors, a bear crawl kit with 45m twine to arrange according to the suggested course set-ups from the included diagrams plus a stopwatch to bring the challenges to the next level.
The Slackers Ultimate Obstacle Set with Stopwatch is made to keep children moving by participating in fun competitions as they build their strength and coordination, all whilst having heaps of fun!


  • Includes: 4 Reinforced Hop Sacks, 4 Jump Ropes, 8 Agility Rings (with Connectors), 8 Birchwood Bear Crawl Stakes, 45m Twine, 1 Stopwatch
  • The kit can be set-up according to the competitors’ skills and preferences so no one gets left behind. Suggest set-up diagrams included.

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