PMB - Porsche Macan S Fire Brigade

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with fire brigade flashing lights and sound (1 x AAA batteries required) and many accessories. The front and rear lights as well as the dashboard light up (3 x AAA batteries required). The roof can be removed.

In an emergency the PLAYMOBIL firefighters are always on duty to rescue people and animals from danger. What better way for the brave PLAYMOBIL fire brigade team to get to the scene than in the lightning-fast Porsche Macan S Fire Brigade? Attention! An emergency call is coming in at the fire station. In no time the firefighters stow their equipment in the spacious boot. Then they rush off with flashing lights and sirens. Thanks to their turbospeed Porsche Macan S, the team is the first on the scene and can help immediately. The play set consists of a PLAYMOBIL figure, a PLAYMOBIL Porsche Macan S with removable roof, flashing lights and sound, as well as an illuminated dashboard and many fire-fighting accessories. With the enclosed adhesive labels the printed emergency number can be replaced by the country-specific emergency number.

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