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Once upon a time at the PLAYMOBIL Large Princess Castle... From an early age, fairytales inspire children’s imaginations. The new Princess Castle from PLAYMOBIL allows children to fully immerse themselves in role play, telling legendary stories about the lives of noble heroes and heroines. The magnificent Princess Castle can be played with from all sides. It has large rooms and an elegant staircase, serving as a glorious home for princes and princesses. From the Dressing Room, Music Room and the Castle Bakery, to the Royal Bedroom and the Ballroom: Children can set up and decorate the castle to their heart’s content, and also add in the five charming supplementary sets. To get the right outfit for festive occasions, there are dresses, changeable hairstyles and jewellery available – perfect for a ball on the castle’s rotating dance floor. In addition, the royal castle inhabitants can enjoy activities such as Riding Lessons or a relaxed trip in the Horse-Drawn Carriage. The Large Princess Castle from PLAYMOBIL at a glance: Large Princess Castle (H 82 x L 80 x D 47 cm) with up to four storeys and staircase to the tower bedroom, five accessory sets to set up and decorate as desired, numerous outfits to change into and fantastic accessories, stables and horse-drawn carriage with lots of horses to decorate

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