LEGO 76271 Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City

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Evoke the iconic ‘dark deco’ appearance of GOTHAM CITY™ with this building set for adult fans of Batman™. Featuring details from Batman: The Animated Series, plus hidden action scenes, LEGO® DC Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City (76271) is a captivating comic adventure gift for adult model-makers.

This 4,210-piece buildable GOTHAM CITY backdrop measures over 76 cm (30 in.) wide. It incorporates 15 panels that remove to reveal the inside of Wayne Manor, the Batcave™ and Arkham Asylum, and the activities of numerous villains from Batman: The Animated Series. The set also includes 4 minifigures – Batman, The Joker™, Harley Quinn™ and Catwoman™ – and a removable Batmobile™ and Batwing™. The assembled model can be mounted on a wall or stood on a surface using a flip-out stand. The 2 sets of included building instructions allow 2 people to work on the model simultaneously. For added convenience, a digital version of the set’s building instructions can be found on the LEGO Builder app.

  • Batman™ adventure gift for adults – DC enthusiasts and fans of the ‘dark deco’ style of Batman: The Animated Series can indulge their passion with this adult building set
  • Interactive build-and-display model – 15 panels detach from this LEGO® DC Super Heroes™ set to show the inside of Wayne Manor, the Batcave™ and Arkham Asylum, as well as the activities of many villains
  • Classic characters – There are 4 LEGO® DC Batman™ minifigures included in this adult building set: Batman, The Joker™, Harley Quinn™ and Catwoman™
  • Authentic gift for Batman™ fans – The set features numerous details that fans will recognise, detailed references to an extensive cast of villains, and a removable mini Batmobile™ and Batwing™
  • LEGO® DC Batman™ gift for adults – This nostalgic gift for fans of DC Super Heroes™ is a birthday or any-day present idea for dad, mum or any adult, including yourself
  • Printed and digital guides – There are 2 sets of printed building instructions included, so 2 people can work on the model simultaneously, and a digital version is available on the LEGO® Builder app
  • More building sets for adults – This buildable model is part of the LEGO® Sets for Adults range, designed to deliver a rewarding and immersive escape for any model-making enthusiast
  • Rewarding to build, fun to display – The completed set includes 4,210 pieces and 2 sticker sheets and measures over 41 cm (16 in.) high, 76 cm (30 in.) wide and 6 cm (2.5 in.) deep

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