Hot Toys Iron Man 2 - Tony Stark Mark V Suit Up 1:6 Scale 12" Action Figure

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Pre-Order Price Gurarantee
If MyHobbies changed price before release, you'll pay the lower price.
ETA: 31st August 2022

Shows up in the middle of the race circuit and demonstrates a near-perfect command of plasma-powered whips, Whiplash challenges Tony Stark �s strength while he was driving in a formula car. 

Inspired by the Mark V suiting up scene on the race track in Iron Man 2 movie, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce the 1/6th scale Tony Stark (Mark V Suit up Version) collectible figure. Demonstrates perfectly designed armor pieces with mechanical details and articulated function, allowing fans to assemble the stunning armor on top of the highly-detailed figure. 

The movie-accurate figure is finely crafted based on Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the movie, features a newly developed Tony Stark head sculpt with specially applied battle damaged effects; a stunningly detailed racing suit; LED light-up function design on arc reactor, and forearms; attachable Iron Man Mark V armor parts in defined proportion including helmet, chest and shoulders armor, upper back armor, thigh and calf armors, hands with articulated fingers; skillfully painted in red and silver coloring with an astonishing metallic appearance; several pieces of interchangeable armors for different assembling looks; and a figure base. 

Reserve a space for the special Tony Stark figure in your Marvel collection! 

The 1/6th scale Tony Stark (Mark V Suit up Version) Collectible Figure specially features: 
- Authentic and detailed likeness of Tony Stark wearing Track Suit in Iron Man 2 
- One (1) newly developed battle damaged head sculpt with authentic likeness of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark 
- Movie-accurate facial features with detailed beard, wrinkles and skin texture 
- Brown color hair sculpture 
- Newly developed body with over 30 points of articulations 
- Approximately 31cm tall 
- Special features on armor: 
- LED-light up function on arc reactor on chest, and forearms (battery operated) 
- Metallic red and silver colored painting on the sleek and streamline Iron Man armor design 
- Attachable Iron Man Mark V armor parts including: 
- One (1) set of helmet 
- One (1) pair of forearm armors 
- One (1) set of waist armor 
- One (1) pair of thigh armors 
- One (1) pair of foot armors 
- Attachable Iron Man Mark V armor parts with articulated function to simulate the suiting up process including: 
- One (1) set of articulated chest armor 
- One (1) set of articulated back armor 
- One (1) pair of articulated shoulder armors 
- One (1) pair of articulated upper arm armors 
- One (1) pair of articulated calf armors 
- One (1) pair of hands with articulated fingers and light-up repulsors (battery operated) 
- Additional Iron Man Mark V armor parts for interchangeable display style on chest, waist, back, and forearms 
- Three (3) pairs of interchangeable gloved hands including: 
- One (1) pair of fists 
- One (1) pair of suitcase holding hands 
- One (1) pair of relax hands 
- Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted 

- One (1) blue and black racing suit 
- One (1) pair of black shoes 

- One (1) themed figure base with movie logo, character name plate and graphic card 

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