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With GraviTrax The Game Impact, children aged 8 and over can experience creative puzzle fun!

The Game consists of 30 puzzles that have to be solved using task cards. At the beginning of the game, the position of the start stone and goal is given. How does the track have to be built so that the ball rolls from start to finish? It is specified which elements may be used. If the ball reaches the target, the task is solved. In this set, the Hammer action brick is the focus. He and another 27 building blocks make children puzzle at The Game Impact.

With GraviTrax, building fun has free rein. The GraviTrax ball track system can be expanded infinitely through extensions, which guarantees unlimited building and playing fun. By freely designing the ball tracks and exploring the rolling and flight behavior of the balls, the understanding of science is sharpened and gravity can be experienced up close. The STEM mark on our products signals a game category where science is experienced through play. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) corresponds to the German MINT (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology).


  • 1 instruction and solution booklet

  • 30 task cards

  • 6 tutorial cards

  • 3 hexagonal base plates

  • 1 starting stone

  • 1 ball

  • 1 hammer action stone

  • 4 large height stones

  • 7 curves

  • 1 crossing

  • 2 long plastic rails

  • 2 medium plastic rails

  • 3 short plastic rails

  • 1 base stone

  • missions for the base stone: 1 target

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