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Expand your builds and add some action with a variety of expansion sets and Accessories.

avensburger GraviTrax Action Pack Balls and Spinner Interactive Track System is science meets creativity with the balls and spinner accessory. This STEM toy encourages hands-on play where kids lead the way. With a variety of gravity-based elements, kids can create near limitless marble run tracks. This construction set features the balls and spinner action tile and marbles. Experiment and problem solve by utilizing different elements to send the marbles from start to finish. Once the basics have been mastered, simply add more marbles and elements to the designs to create more advanced tracks and endless possibilities. Girls and boys 8 and up can learn how gravity, magnetism, and kinetics propel the marbles through their creations. Designed with modular elements, kids can easily adapt their tracks every time they play. This accessory must be used with any gravitrax starter set. Explore additional GraviTrax expansion sets and accessories that offer different functions to incorporate into their builds.

Develops critical skills – playing and building with gravitrax develops spatial reasoning and planning skills, and provides a great stealth learning experience for STEM.

Ages: 8+ years


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