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The Simpsons - Homer as Belly Dancer Pop! Vinyl Figure (2021 Summer Convention Exclusive)

With the freezing temperatures of the Australian Winter in full force once again, it’s time we help turn up the heat with Funko’s blistering new range of 2021 Summer Convention Exclusives.

If you're looking for a cromulent way to embiggen your life, well look no further than Funko's new Homer as Belly Dancer Pop! Vinyl Figure.

When did Homer dress up as a belly dancer, you ask? Well let's take a trip back to 1997 with the classic Treehouse of Horror VIII, which featured the hilarious segment Easy Bake Coven. You know, the one where Bart realises he's a "son of a witch".

In the episode's closing moments we see Homer egging someone's house for not giving him candy, only to realise it's his house. It was here that he was dressed as a belly dancer as he channelled his inner Princess Kashmir.

An absolute must for any true Simpsons fan, add Belly Dancer Homer to your Funko collection today!

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