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Toys. We love them! But keeping them tidy, all in one place or taking them out and about - that poses problems... unless there is a Mini Pouch involved! Smaller size = greater portability, which is great for travelling and awesome for smaller collections! Plus the added bonus of four included washable markers for lots of colouring in FUN!

How to Use:

Colour & Go Mini Pouch comes with 4 washable markers so your kids can colour it in multiple times! When they have finished colouring in they can fill with Lego or their favourite toys. Then spread the Mini Pouch out for play and all the bits and pieces stay together. When it is time to pack away, just pull on the rope and in a jiffy they've gathered everything neatly into the Colour & Go Mini Pouch.


  • Made from durable canvas, high quality eyelets and Rope!
  • Writeable! Washable markers included.
  • Zip pocket is great for hard to find treasures and valuables.
  • 65cm diameter when open, plus edge strip.
  • Recommended for age 3+
  • Perfect for LEGO®, crafts, Shopkins, Hot Wheels, Sylvanian Families, Mobilo, figurines & more!
  • Colour it in just the way YOU like it!

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