Cobi WW2 - Messerschmitt ME 262A-1A (382 pcs)

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The Messerschmitt Me 262 is the first jet-powered fighter aircraft used in combat. Produced in Germany, it entered service in 1944 as an intercepting fighter. Bomb and reconnaissance versions were also created. It was named Sturmvogel by German pilots, and among the Allies it was known as Turbo. The late entry of the aircraft into service meant that it did not play a significant role during the war. The Messerschmitt Me 262 achieved 900 kills while losing 100 of their own machines. This aircraft is inspired by a model that is located in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. It was piloted by Hans Guido Mutke, who in the last days of the war flew it to Switzerland, where he was incarcerated. Years later, the machine returned to Germany as a wonderful museum exhibit. With 390 COBI building blocks, you can build a perfectly reproduced german jet aircraft from the Second World War. This historical aircraft has been designed with attention to detail. The blocks have been covered with high-quality pad-prints. No stickers are used in this set. The painting of the aircraft refers to a machine with a very rich past, which is now in the Munich Museum. At the controls of this unusual aircraft, you can put a pilot figure. This figure is inspired by the pilot Hans Guido Mutke. According to unconfirmed reports, this pilot may have crossed the sound barrier for the first time! The whole set is complemented by a brick stand and a plate with the name of the model.

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