Cobi Vietnam War - Air Cavalry (410 pieces)

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From the world of COBI we are proud to bring you a kit of the world famous American helicopter Huey, accurately reproduced in 1:35 scale. Using high quality prints rather than stickers this model will really please those builders who like detail in their kits. The high quality of this kit means that the prints do not wear after time or with play from little one’s hands. The helicopter is equipped with rotating propellers, sliding doors and a machine gun that can be retracted inside.
Two figures are included in the set. They are an American soldier in a bulletproof vest equipped with an M16 rifle and a pilot.
The Huey is a multi-purpose American helicopter, which entered service in 1957. It became synonymous for its role during the Vietnam War, where it served as a transport, air support and medical helicopter. Many types of armaments were mounted on the helicopter, including a machine gun on the transport sides, and in the support version, 70 mm unguided missile trays and M134 Miniguns. 12 soldiers could board the helicopter.

  • 405 high quality construction blocks,
  • produced in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition,
  • meet the safety standards for children's products,
  • Fully compatible with other brands of building blocks,
  • Printed pads do not deform and do not fade during play or under temperature,
  • clear and intuitive instruction based on drawings and icons,
  • two soldier figures
  • moving parts.

Dimensions of the model (L x W x H): 44 cm (17.3") x 8 cm (3.1") x 13 cm (5.1").

Box dimensions (L x W x H): 40cm x 6cm x 30.5 cm.

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