BRIO Smart Tech Sound - Waterfall Tunnel 4 pcs

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Smart Tech Sound Waterfall Tunnel

Listen to the sounds of the jungle and the calming pitter-patter of running water as you pass through the 33978 Smart Tech Sound Waterfall Tunnel on a new railway adventure. Pair this railway accessory with the 33971 Record & Play Engine (not included) to activate playful Smart Tech Sound features and bring the play environment to life. There are two routes to traverse this massive waterfall – either drive up the ascending tracks and take the rickety, old bridge over the top, or brave the dark caves and hope to make it through the gushing waters to the other side. Either way, watch out for creepy crawlies!

Width (mm): 667
Height (mm): 131
Package Width (mm): 290
Package Height (mm): 270
Package Depth (mm): 140
Battery needed: No
CE: Yes
FSC®: Yes
Grüner Punkt: Yes

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