BRIO Crane - Container Crane 6 pieces

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Managing all the heavy shipping containers at the BRIO World dock is no problem with the 33996 Container Crane. Take a seat on top of this big, green, railway accessory and get to work. 360˚ crane action: Grab one of the containers with the magnetic hook, then rotate and slide the large crane into position above the tracks. “Left a little, right a little. Perfect!”. Lower the wooden cargo into place using the winch and lock it in with the red lid before it drops perfectly onto the awaiting wagon below. Building for life: The construction play of this familiar container crane helps children's development by promoting logical thinking in a recognizable scenario, whilst intricate details such as cranks and switches helps to train fine motor skills. 33996 Container Crane includes 6 pieces; 1x container crane, 1x construction figure, 2x wooden cargo, 1x cargo wagon, 1x lifebuoy accessory.

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