LEGO 60080 City Spaceport

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ItÌ_s launch day at the LEGO? City Spaceport. Load the satellite into the space shuttle and use the powerful, mobile launchpad to slowly maneuver it to the launch site. Then deliver the astronauts with the service vehicle and get strapped in as countdown commences, 3Ì_ 2Ì_ 1Ì_ liftoff! Feel the power as the main engines ignite and send the shuttle hurtling into space. Eject the external fuel tank and rocket boosters and then open the cargo bay doors ready to launch the satellite! ItÌ_s another successful mission for the LEGO City Spaceport! Includes 5 minifigures with assorted accessories: a scientist, 2 service personnel and 2 astronauts.

  • Includes 5 minifigures with assorted accessories: a scientist, 2 service personnel and 2 astronauts
  • Features a space shuttle, mobile launchpad, satellite, countdown display, antenna and a service vehicle
  • Space shuttle features a detachable external fuel tank, 2 detachable rocket boosters, opening cargo bay doors and a foldout loading arm
  • Mobli>Mobile launchpad features driverå¬å_s cab and a beacon
  • Accessories include 2 helmets, mug and a wrench
  • Operate the mobile launchpad!
  • Transportthe astronauts to the spacecraft!
  • Launch the space shuttle!
  • Eject the external fuel tank and boosters!
  • Open the cargo bay doors
  • Place the satellite into orbit!
  • Space shuttle measures over 4å¬å_ (12cm) high, 10å¬å_ (27cm) long, and 7å¬å_ (19cm) wide
  • External fuel tank measures over 1å¬å_ (4cm) high, 11å¬å_ (28cm) long, and 1å¬å_ (4cm) wide
  • Each rocket booster measures over 10å¬å_ (26cm) long, and under 1å¬å_ (2cm) wide and 1å¬å_ (2cm) high
  • Mobile launchpad measures over 4å¬å_ (11cm) high, 7å¬å_ (20cm) long and 6å¬å_ (17cm) wide
  • Service car measures over 2å¬å_ (6cm) high, 3å¬å_ (9cm) long and 1å¬å_ (5cm) wide

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