Funko Harry Potter - Harry Flying w/WingKey Pop! SD21 RS

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Harry Potter - Harry Potter Flying with Winged Key Pop! Vinyl Figure (2021 Summer Convention Exclusive)

With the freezing temperatures of the Australian Winter in full force once again, it’s time we help turn up the heat with Funko’s blistering new range of 2021 Summer Convention Exclusives.

It’s time to take a trip to the Wonderful World of Wizadry once again with Funko’s new Harry Potter Pop! Vinyl Figure, featuring the beloved wizard riding his broomstick and holding a magical Winged Key.

Winged Keys were enchanted with the Flying charm by Professor Filius Flitwick to guard the Philosopher's Stone.

Enchant your Funko collection today with the Harry Potter Flying with Winged Key Pop! Vinyl Figure!

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