At Myhobbies, we continue to listen to our customer's needs. We understand that a lot of our customers want easier and stress free way of paying off the toy they love. Today, we are very excited to introduce a brand new way of payment at Myhobbies. Layby via Paypal, an innovative way to simply the traditional cumbersome layby process. It packed with features that make our customer life easier. 

Flexible Payment Option 

You can choose as little as 10% down payment, and up to 50% deposit if you want smaller monthly repayment. 

And you can choose from 1 months up to 6 months repayment periods. This gives our customer flexibility to adapt the payment plan to their own needs.

Completely Automated and Hassle free

Do you recall the days driving 10km to a retailer shop because you have layby item at that shop. The retailer often threaten you that if you don't pay the repayment on time, the layby item will be cancelled. It wastes your time and effort just to make sure the layby is still alive.

At myhobbies, we don't want our customer suffer from that. We made this process completely automated. As soon as you start your plan, the monthly repayment will be deducted from paypal account automatically. No need to remember it, no need to drive anywhere. 

Once you have paid off the item, we will deliver the item to your door. 

Pay with Confidence

As the layby plan is powered by Paypal payment gateway, you are protected by not just Myhobbies satisfaction guaranteed return policy, but also Paypal customer protection program. Anytime, you don't want your item anymore, you will get you money back. 

Low Fee

We all these great features, we are only charging our customer 0.9% admin fee out of the purchase. 

For more details, please view our layby terms and conditions.



1. How do I place item on layby?

 We made it very simple. During check out process, simple select put it on lay-buy option  instead of credit card or paypal. 


When you click on complete order, you will be redirected to a page to choose down payment percentage and months to pay. 

 The last step is to click on the "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY" button and follow through the normal Paypal checkout process, then you are all set.